ICTSI launches suite of digital services with new app

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) is empowering port users to make better, more timely business decisions with the launch of the ICTSI App, a tool that gives port users access to the Company’s newest digital services.

ICTSI’s latest innovation grants port users real-time access to critical logistics data across ICTSI’s global operations. Using the app, port stakeholders can monitor trucks, containers and vessels, as well as view payment estimates from corresponding ICTSI terminals in advance. These services enable port users to optimize their cargo through ICTSI and reduce costs.

“As the largest independent port operator across six continents, ICTSI is leveraging digital platforms to bring new levels of interactivity and supply chain visibility to our stakeholders. From shipper to vessel and vessel to consignee, ICTSI looks to provide the most transparent and most visible logistics process while maintaining our shipping line neutrality,” said Brian Hibbert, ICTSI Group chief information officer.

Demand for efficient cargo logistics is now greater than ever, but with up to 20 different participants in a single container shipment, getting access to reliable, real-time information has become a significant challenge. Late, conflicting and confusing data create problems across the supply chain that often result in poor logistics planning and increased costs.

The ICTSI app eliminates conflicting and late information by providing users with real-time visibility at the palm of their hands. Using the Watchlist feature, users can monitor containers, trucks and vessels and receive updates via email or SMS for every development on the container, truck or vessel being monitored. The app also enables users to leverage native device-sharing capabilities to send information directly to the users’ customers. Users can access payment estimates for their transactions and make online payments across a growing number of ICTSI terminals using the app.

“We are focused on our customers’ success and building a strong foundation for these services that not only allow us to deliver these services now but also enabling us to respond to our customers and deliver more services quickly in the future,” added Mr. Hibbert.

ICTSI’s newest innovation is the result of a multi-year investment in an advanced underlying global digital platform that consolidates data and services across the ICTSI Group. It enables the Company to deliver an advanced omni-channel experience to port users.

Leveraging a unique and global platform approach, ICTSI is fast-tracking the roll-out of these services across every ICTSI terminal following the initial launch in the Philippines, where it is headquartered.

The ICTSI App is available for iOS and Android and may also be accessed via web. User registration is required to use advanced app features and for the Company to be able to create a personalized, digital experience.